Best Hot Dog Brand Malaysia – Lily's Homemade
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Best Hot Dog Brand Malaysia

Best Hot Dog Brand Malaysia

Our Story: How We Became the Best Hot Dog Brand in Malaysia

All great things come from the place of love and passion. That how our story began.

We had a restaurant in Puchong after Sam's retrenchment, and it was named after our first daughter Lily.  When it was often fully booked and understaffed, we realized we were already working 14 hours a day. We lost track of our life, and we lost track of our little daughter, who was 18 months old that time.

We made a hard decision to close down a thriving business that we were proud of. This was when “Lily’s Homemade” is born.  We took out our best selling item - our homemade sausages. and decided to make our house our kitchen. 

Our goal was to create sausages that are healthy, so healthy that it becomes a staple in our little daughter's big breakfast everyday.  Over the years, we have since expanded our offering from purely sausages to bacon, burger patties, rolls, and more. By now, we have more than 60 products.

Much have progressed, but one thing remained unchanged and that's our “sausage manifesto” — no MSG, no food colouring, preservatives free, gluten free, antibiotic and hormone free meat, low salt. This has proven to be a sticky reason for our repeat sales, and how we became the best hot dog brand in Malaysia.

Quality Ingredients: What Sets Our Hot Dogs Apart

When it comes to hot dogs, many brands use fillers like soy protein and corn syrup to cut costs and boost volume. At our hot dog brand, we believe in doing things differently. We use only premium meats and natural ingredients in our hot dogs, with no fillers or artificial preservatives. This not only results in a healthier product, but also in a better-tasting hot dog that's bursting with flavor. Whether you prefer your hot dog grilled, boiled, or baked, you'll taste the difference with our zero-filler hot dogs.

Homemade Hot Dogs: Our Recipe for Success

At our hot dog brand, we're proud to say that our hot dogs are made the old-fashioned way - with care, attention to detail, and a lot of love. Our hot dogs are made in small batches, using traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. We believe that the best hot dogs are made with simple, wholesome ingredients, and that's why we use only the freshest meats and spices in our products. When you bite into one of our homemade hot dogs, you'll taste the difference - it's like nothing else you've ever experienced.

Try Our Hot Dogs Today and Taste the Difference!

We don't just make sausages - we craft them. Each and every one of our sausages is made by hand, using traditional techniques that have been perfected over time. We believe that the best sausages are made with care, attention to detail, and a passion for the craft. That's why we use only the finest ingredients in our sausages, from premium meats to natural spices and seasonings. Whether you're grilling up a batch of sausages for a backyard BBQ or serving them up at your next event, you'll taste the difference with our handcrafted sausages.

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