Sam's Sunday Source/ tomato pasta source.

This to me it the best source there is... its so easy... cheap... and tasty. There is only one thing that you need more than anything and its time.... alot of time but its so so worth it.


  • 2 BIG pork leg bonds cut in harf ( arsk the butcher to do that job)

  • 8/10 cloves of garlic peeled

  • 3 cups olive oil ( must be olive oil no cheap frying oil )

  • 1 table spoon chilli flakes

  • 8 x 400g cans of hole plum tomartos

  • harf a bottle of good red wine (The rest of the bottle for the chef to drink)

  • 500/600g of fresh pork sholder ( opshanole)

  • 1 1/2 tea spoon of dyed thym

  • 1 L of water

So grab a big surcepan. the bigest one you have. If you have to knock on next door as you have seen them with one do it... you pay them back with amasing tomato saurce.

with your big pot tern the gas or heat to mediam. Add in all that oil... Yes its alot but you need it. once the oil it hot but not frying hot we whan to put in the garlic. yes all the galic. you dont have to eat it but its there for laver. alow that to slowly cook. give them a ster with a spoon every minit or so. Dont walk away right know as we whan the garlic goldan but not dark. if the garlic go to dark it becomes bitter.

once its goldan take it out and set aside. know at this time if you have the ( opshanle ) pork sholder i would cut it up to about 2 or 3 big picese and brown them of in the oil. once there goldan brown all over.

Its time to add in the chili flakes. Put them in and let them cook for 20 seconds or so be for we add in the cans of tormatos. Adding all of them in along with the onion, pork bonds, red wine and harf the water. Give the tomatos a good mix around and make shore its all mixes well. Bring it to a bole and then tern down to low. we what it bubble away slowy for about 3 or 4 houers. Keep an eye on the source and mix well every 15 to 20 minits to make shore nothing sticks to the bottom.

Arfter 4 houers the ( opshanle pork sholerder should be super tender) if the pork shoulder was not added the bones will have impaterted there flaver and the source should be rich in flaver. we are looking for a fall and intence tormato flaver.

This source should be full of flav

and ready for any pasta or meat dish .

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