Fluff Crunchy Sausage and Bacon pizza



1. 3 lily's homemade sausages (skins removed)

2. 1 yellow onion

3. 250g Bacon (sliced to 1 inch bits)

4. Pepperoni (optional)

5. 1 Canned plum tomatos.

6. 300g Mozzarella

7. 4 cloves of galrc

8. dry oricano ( optional )

Pizza Dough

1. 1kg flower

2. 1 packet dry active yeast

3. 20ml olive oil

4. 20g suger

5. 20g salt

6. 350ml water

Lets get started.

1. You dont have to but it makes life sooo much eayser if you have a stand mixer but its not a must. Place all the pizza dough ingirdiance into the mixing bowl and put the dough hook atachment on and set on low. slowly increese to high and mix for 5 minits till its all incorprated and smooth. If doing by hand add all the dry ingrediance and the oil to a mixing bowl. Start slowly add the water and mix by hand. Keep adding till its all incorprated. once its a wet constistent dough poor it out onto a cleed serface and need it till smooth and elastick. its going to take about 10/ 15 minites of hard work but its all woth it.

2. Once the dough is mixed place it back into the oil and add a bit of extrat oil and clean film the bowl. Place it in a warm area and let it righs. i would tern on your oven now to the highest temp it gos and let it heat up. Once its doubled in size your ready to use it. Each pizza can be 250g of fresh dow. You should get 5 out of it.

3. now on to the tomatos source i like to blend mine so if you have a bleder or a stick blender ad all the tomatoes and garlic and a pinch of salt in to the blow or blender and give it a good blend for a min till smooth ( or if you like its chuckey puld or blits it 3 or 4 times and your good to go.

For a thin crust pizza roll out the dow on a lighty flowered clean seurfis to about a 11'" use a fork and prick the base so that any air thets still in the dow can reslice as it cooks. This also helps the unwanted bubbles from poping up in the middle of the pizza. if you have a peel its time to place the pizza on it. if no place the pizza into a mettle pan or try and push the dow to all the egess. Now we can spoon on the tomato source. we whan more at the eges and lessing in the middle as that thats more time to cook. then we can place on the sausage meat and backen and then cheese. i like to leave the onions till last so they can more heat and cook better and can get tennder.

place it in the oven and cook it for about 15 mins! but this all depends on persanol prefrence and oven temps. but you will have a cresipy and tasty golden brown pizza by the end of it.

For Fluffy thick pizza...

Take the 250g of dow and some oil. i like to put alot of good olive oil for this maybe 3 table spoos or more. this is going to give you that crucky deep pan pizza bace we all love. pressing in to all the corners and eges of the high wall pan or dish. so you will need to let this rise agine for about 40 mins till its dubbled in size so place soem clean film on it and let it rise.

Now that is been 40 mins its time to bake it. yes we are going to bake this for 10 mins so that alows the bace to cook. once its cooked for 10 mins take it out of the oven and place your source on top. you can be quite librel with this one as the bace can take alot more than the thins crust. add all the toppings you like and then place back in the oven for anothre 15 mins or untill goldan brown. and you are ready to slice and serve.

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