who is Lily's homemade?

"We can do anything we put our mind to, even sausages"

"Lily's" The restaurant started late 2015. We named  it after our daughter.  The plan was Wood fired pizzas... pastas... and burgers.


Anything with pork was the idea and giving the people of Puchong the best possible pizza ... but from day one we understated one thing.... staffing. 

We were doing 14 hours days. 6 days a week. Its hard work but even with that we still had fun and time to take care of Lily.


We were looking over the menu and wanted to add the full English breakfast. But trying to find sausages that would meet our needs was impossible and not kids friendly or healthy.


We could not find sausages that was not highly processed and full of crappy mystery meat, fillers and all kinds of extra ingredients that made us question what was really in all the sausages you can buy. So we listed out what a sausage had to have and not have. 

  • No MSG

  • No Food coloring's

  • Preservatives free

  • Gluten free

  • Premium quality meat (antibiotic and hormone free) 

  • Kid friendly (low salt)

Simple idea, Simple guidelines...    

Here we are years later... We closed the restaurant but making sausages and other amazing products is just as much fun! 


We Love what we do and the people we meet and knowing that we have truly made...




"Simply Better Sausages"

From our customers 


"Tried for the time and I am very surprised at the taste and quality of the food. Bought for myself a few packets of bacon and sausages. Comparing with others I have bought before, I found that the packaging is really good to maintain the freshness of the packed food and not to mention that the bacon and sausages are really tasty."



"Thank you for your delivery. My family loves it very much. Especially my 2 yo son, he loves the streaky bacon very much and for myself, I love the bacon & cheese burger patties, is very juicy. Yummy! Super delicious!"

"Tried the pork and apple sausages..juicy, tender and not overpowering seasoning, keen to try more variety of flavours :-) friends who came over for our bbq dinner also agreed it was delicious!"